BPerfect Cosmetics event with Stacey Marie

I have recently tried to get back into the blogging life as I’ve taken quite a few years off, so it’s been difficult to get back into the swing of posting on my blog page.

So let’s start afresh with this fantastic event at Medicare in Forestside in Belfast.

BPerfect Cosmetics and Stacey Marie MUA have teamed up to create this beautiful carnival palette and let me tell you it totally gave me a wow face when I opened my one that was kindly gifted to me by BPerfect Cosmetics.

The event itself was a lot of fun and I totally was able to take away some makeup tips and tricks thanks to Stacey Marie.

I’ve always been afraid of trying a bold eye but from seeing Stacey Marie do her thing I really want to give it a go.

As you can see the palette is such a great mix of bright and neutral colours it’s hard to choose which shade to go with first. They are so pigmented and super easy to blend out anyone from professional to someone starting off with makeup could use it with such ease.

The packaging I love as it stands out against my other palettes on my vanity table as it’s bright and colourful. It has a large mirror and a good weight so it’s easy to hold while applying your whole face. I really like that each shade has its name printed below it and that they are spaced apart leaving plenty of room between shades.

The event was a great chance for us to see the talented and amazing Stacey Marie show us all how easy it was to create a beautiful eye look. We got a chance to ask questions to get to know Stacey Marie as she effortlessly applied beautiful shadows to the model.

I was gifted with this palette and I’m very thankful as I have now been able to try my own hand at creating a colourful eye and it’s been great fun. I have also used the palette for an eye look for work. This palette is so versatile and can create so many looks everyone needs to pick this up.

I would like to say thank you to BPerfect cosmetics, Stacey Marie and Medicare forestside Belfast for putting on a fantastic event. I look forward to many more.


Emma xo

Zoeva Rose Golden Vol 3 Collection


Hello there

I got an email today from Zoeva about the next exciting lanuch happening at the end of the month and I wanted to share 🙂

After declaring our never ending love for Rose Golden with Zoeva’s stunning Vol. 1
and Vol. 2 collections, they have done it again with this beautiful set of brushes. The Rose Golden Vol. 3 brush edition is the ultimate Rose Golden set and the perfect completion to Zoeva’s extraordinary trilogy.
This dazzling set comes with eight divine, handcrafted brushes – a harmony of rose golden ferrules and handles, assembled with the finest natural and synthetic hair, stored in an elegant anthracite brush clutch.
This brush set has all the must have brushes your will need for a fantastic makeup look. This set will be released February 29th and its €90.
 The ZOEVA Rose Golden Blush Palette features a luxuriously coordinated trio of a velvety blush, a luminous highlighter and a magnificent contouring shade to professionally sculpt
the face and brighten the skin complexion. The rose-toned satin blush adds a touch of color and freshness to the cheeks, while the darker contour hue enhances definition and the luminizer brightens the face, adding an illuminating veil of radiance. The lightweight texture blends seamlessly and easily with the skin, resulting in a flawless, natural-looking glow.
This is a travel friendly palette has it has everything you will need for a trip away with the girls or a romantic getaway with a loved one 🙂 This will be released 29th February and will be €15.
Zoeva are really ticking all the boxes when it comes to the latest releases and I can’t wait to see what else they come up with this year 🙂
Thanks for reading
Emma xo
All information above was provided my Zoeva but all options are my own 🙂


Hello there

Firstly I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and to say thank you for all the support over the last year xo

I’m part of a Facebook beauty chat page and so many girls were getting their hands on colourpop that is not available in the UK or even shipped for the company directly. I instantly fell in love with all the swatched I was seeing so I knew I had to get my hands on some colourpop items.

On the page the admin had shared a step by step guide on how to get my colourpop delivery to the UK by using a shipping company called MyMallBox.

How MyMallBox works

You register for free no charges at all and they assign you a US address in one of their warehouses. You then shop on line like normal and when it comes to shipping info you put in your US address. When the package arrives at the warehouse address they can then send your package or repackage multiple deliveries. The next stage is choosing which shipping company to use. I normally go with DHL as its the fast and gets to my doorstep within two days, which is fantastic. This option is more expensive depending on the weight of your package. There are other delivery companies to choose from that take longer so its up to you which one suits you.


Which colourpop products did I get I hear you ask 🙂 This is over the last 6 months.

Super Shock Shadows



Ultra Matte Lip and Lippie Stix’s


The prices of the products vary.

Super shock shadows are $5 and liners $5

Lippie stix’s are $5 and liners $5

Ultra matte lip’s are $6

The mini sets are $20 each while stock lasts

Over all I’m very happy with all products I’ve picked up over the last while and have to admit I have more on the way 🙂 My experience with mymallbox has been a positive one and would recommend them to anyone.

What are your go to colourpop products?

Thanks for reading

Emma xo




Zoeva The Spectrum Collection

Hello there
I got an email from the Zoeva press team on the next upcoming collection that is coming out on the January 11th 2016.
ZOEVA Spectrum Collection worships color in all of Mother Nature’s splendor. With these new palettes you can create unlimited makeup looks with three distinctive eyeshadow palettes and three blush palettes for all skin types.
Warm Spectrum €35 
When the earth spits fire. Inspired by the fascinating yet hazardous spectacle of an erupting volcano, our ZOEVA Warm Spectrum Palette blazes with matte and shimmering ash brown and rock gray shades from the depth of the earth, consumed by a lava-like flood of hot terra cotta based hues and dark mauve tints.
Cool Spectrum €35
Derived from the captivating bright and dancing lights of the aurora in the far north, our ZOEVA Cool Spectrum Palette features a symphony of
frosty brownish-grey, metallic shades accompanied by galvanizing accents such as moody teal, pale lilac or icy pink. Let yourself be admired like themagical phenomenon itself and create infinitely wearable makeup looks with an electrifying cool edge.
Nude Spectrum €35
Reminiscent of the wild breathtaking beauty of the desert, the ZOEVA Nude Spectrum Palette unveils a perfectly synchronized assortment of mesmerizing earth toned and subtle sandy shades. Invigorated with gold, bronze and copper reflections, the iridescent hues waft shimmering effects on the lids – just like a mirage in the endlessness of the Sahara. Create luminous down to earth daytime as well as fascinating evening makeup looks, flushed by a haze of heat.
The formulation of the eyeshadows is enriched with vitamin E and is 100% free of parabens, mineral oils, perfume, and phthalates. Made in Italy.
You have a choice between warm, cool and neutral. There are 15 shadows in each palette. With the wide range of colours there is a palette for everyone whether you go for a neutral look to more dramatic look.

I have a few Zoeva palettes and the eyeshadows are highly pigmented with fantastic stay power.
Pink Spectrum €18
A hymn to rosy cheeks, the ZOEVA Pink Spectrum Blush Palette is the ultimate essential for a natural-looking, radiant complexion. As fresh as morning dew, it provides a range of blossoming pink and rosy shades for a crisp appearance. The soft matte and shimmery powder formulation blends smoothly and adds a vibrant pop of color to the cheeks that can be layered from medium to high coverage for innocently sweet to flirtatious looks.
Nude Spectrum €18
Originated from the luminosity of the sun, the ZOEVA Nude Spectrum Blush Palette grants a unique selection of four sublime bronze shades for the cheeks, warming the original skin tone and enhancing it’s vivid solar radiance. The buildable formula ensures an easy application of seamless color for a healthy, sun-kissed finish, reminiscent of the glowing warmth of summer all year long.
Coral Spectrum €18
Intoxicated by color, the ZOEVA Coral Spectrum Blush Palette captures the alluring beauty of lush, tropical reefs and reveals a fantastic array of four fresh nuances from light peach to coral pink. With its luminous matte and shimmery finishes, the easily buildable blush shades provide a flattering radiance and joyful burst of color to the cheeks – from soft and natural to intense and sophisticated looks.
The formulation of the blushes is enriched with vitamin E and is 100% free of parabens, mineral oils, perfume and phthalates. Made in Italy.
I have only tried Zoeva lipsticks and eyeshadow palettes but I’m very excited to try out these blush palettes as they all look so beautiful.
Don’t forget to mark the 11th January on your calender’s for this exciting release.
Thanks for reading
Emma xo


 All information I got from the press release to share with all of you. When ever the products are released i will be able to give you a more in depth review 🙂

Freedom Makeup London Haul


Hello there

I have found myself getting more into eyebrow products and a bigger interest in contouring. I have always used eyebrow pencils but after seeing so many posts and vlogs on different brands and what they have I became more intrigued with eyebrow pomade’s. The other makeup look I have seen everywhere but never sure how to do it is contouring. When on the Freedom website i noticed they had a new pro strobe palette so I thought i would give it a go.

Recently Freedom Makeup London have released new pro kits and individual products. I managed to pick up a couple of bits that I wanted to share with you.

Eyebrow Pomade – medium brown – £5

I have really been loving a bolder eyebrow at the moment so when i saw this pomade that is stated to be a professional bold brow impact with an effective bullet proof solution for HD brows.

IMG_6628 IMG_6630

There are 11 shades for all skin tones and hair colours. Medium brown is a great colour for me as I’m looking for a bolder brow. I am looking to get the lighter shade up just for those days i want more a natural look. The stay power of the pomade is fantastic and lasted all day and night.

Pro HD Brow Palette – Medium dark – £10

First up this palette looks very similar to the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow palette at a fraction of the price. Its avaible in fair/medium and medium/dark. In each palette you get 6 duo brow powders, 4 stencils, 1 highlighter, 1 arch enhancing wax, 1 eyebrow brush and mirror.


There’s a great shade range and very easy to use. When it comes to the powders a little goes a long way as the pigmentation is great. I have used this palette everyday and I am loving it.

Pro Powder Strobe Palette with brush – £10

This palette is a great compact as it has everything for you to brighten, finish and contour. It also has a great sized mirror. When it comes to contouring I’m still trying to get it right. There are enough contour shades to help me get the right shade for my skin shade. There is also a cream contour palette available too.




The highlighter is beautiful with finely milled glitter so its not chunky and looks fantastic. This is a user friendly palette that even i think i can conquer the contour 🙂


For all the products the packaging is sleek and compact that products. each palette has a great sized mirror which makes it easy to apply them. The pomade is in a glass jar and feels and looks like a more high end brand.

Thanks for reading

Emma xo


Sephora Favorties Superstars and Give Me More Lip


Hello there

Since seeing Trendmood1’s instagram on the upcoming Christmas releases the Sephora favorites sets caught my eye. I knew I had to treat myself to one or maybe two 🙂

This is the first time I have been able to get them as Sephora have recently started shipping to the Uk which is fantastic but not maybe for my bank account.

When they arrived I felt like a kid at Christmas and I have to be honest I may have not been able to control myself when opening the box 🙂

Give Me More Lip – $59 value of $197



IMG_6385 IMG_6386

The swatches are in order of the picture 🙂

15 lip products with a mix of full size and deluxe sample sizes.

There is a great range of colours that can be used anytime of the year. ON of the lipsticks that I was excited to use was the Nars lipstick in Scarlett Empress.

All the lip products are so handy to throw into your handbag and I have to admit i may have a couple in my handbag i can’t stop using.

The range of brands and colours definitely update my lipstick collection and help me try brands and colours i may not have used before.

I’m very impressed with this set and can’t wait to see what next years box will have.

Superstars – $75 value of $207




I have to admit I was a little apprehensive when buying this set as I wasn’t sure whether I would get use out of everything but I through caution to the wind and added it to my basket. I’m very happy I did 🙂

There is 12 products – 6 full size                                                                                                                                                                                        – 6 deluxe size plus a beauty blender

I have used every product so far and I’m so happy I gave this set a go. I have seen so much on the Smashbox primer water and for me I will be buying the full sized product when my deluxe sample runs out. My makeup is staying on longer and helps with any caking that happens with the oils break through.

With so many brands coming out with Christmas sets its very hard to choose which ones to go for. I am very happy i picked these up and honestly with so many other brands I want them all.

Is there any sets that you guys would recommend or looking to try?

Thanks for reading

Emma xo


Marc Jacobs Lolita Palette 


Hello there

Many of us have beauty wish lists and like mine I’m sure they grow daily with many brands bringing out loads of must haves and limited edition collections.
I myself have been able to order a good part of my wish list from Sephora since they began shipping to the UK over the last few years. I watch a lot of swatch and review YouTube videos and countless blog posts to work out if they are worth paying the extra to get them shipped from the US. Luckily I have never had a problems when it has came to my orders breakages, missing items etc. Over the last couple of years there has been a few brands that I really do want to try and I have been marking them slowly off my wish list!
One brand I’ve wanted try is Marc Jacobs Beauty. The item that has had everyone talking is the Lolita palette. Since not being able swatch this beautiful palette I have been reluctant to order with out even swatching myself! Thou really from what I have seen on blogs and swatch videos it’s pigmented and beautiful!



I was recently in Nice France and came across a massive Sephora which I will admit I found hard not to buy everything in sight! When walking around the store I turn left and out of the corner of my eye I spotted the Marc Jacobs Beauty stand. As I’m sure you can tell I may have race over with a massive grin on my face. I very quickly spotted the palettes and luckily the Lolita palette was in stock and I was able to swatch it. I feel I should admit that the palette was in my basket before the swatching occurred and I think I had a fear off it disappearing before I could get it in my hand.
So let’s get into the review:
Packaging is so sleek and feels so special. When you open the box and take out the palette there is a pouch that the palette sits in. The packaging of the actually palette is plastic and closes securely. It’s a great size as it fits perfectly into my makeup bag with out any bother.



When you open the palette there is a mirror and a removable plastic topper to protect the shadows.
The are a mix of matte, shimmer and glitter shades. The glitter is finely milled and doesn’t feel gritty when applying to the eye lid. The shades themselves are so pretty and you can create some beautiful natural looks to going out with the girls. Every shade is pigmented with one swatch making them easy to blend.



This palette was €53 in Sephora France. It is a treat to myself as I wouldn’t normally spend so much on one item but I’m very glad I did pick it up.

Have you ever tried any of Marc Jacobs Beauty products? If so let me know what you recommend!

Thanks for reading
Emma xo


Zoeva En Taupe Is The New Black Palette and Brush Set

en-taupe-eyeshadow-palette-l-02 en-taupe-eye-set-l-01

Hello there

When it comes to Zoeva I get very excited about any new releases they have since when it comes to my preference they never fail. I wanted to share a couple of new items that are coming out this month. Trust me from what i have seen in the press release the palette and brush set love amazing.

Zoeva En Taupe Palette –  €17.99 

Can we all just take a moment and look at this beautiful palette.


The palette is based around the colour taupe and how understated the colour is. From what you can see in the pictures on this blog post Zoeva have defiantly created a beautiful palette around this colour.

There are 10 shadows with matte/satin/duochrome/pearl/matte glitter finishes. Cool toned taupe shades and warm tones mean that this palette will complement every skin tone making this a must have palette. Its a mix of brownish grey, iridescent beige with an edgy gunmetal hues that has violet undertones that are velvety soft and so easy to blend creating a beautiful eye look to finish off your makeup look.


The packaging stands out against other palettes with its conspicuous graphic exterior that carries on inside this must have palette.


Zoeva En Taupe Brush Set – €44

When is comes to great quality brushes I recommend Zoeva. Their brushes are soft and make it so easy to apply makeup like a pro.


With the new Palette coming out Zoeva are also releasing a new brush set that is a special edition set that is consistent with the En Taupe Eye shadow Palette.

The zipper on the clutch has a prominent crown shaped metal zipper that has a futuristic inside that makes a fashion statement in itself.

en-taupe-eye-set-l-04 en-taupe-eye-set-l-03

The brushes that come with this set is:

  • 227 Luxe Soft Definer
  • 228 Luxe Crease
  • 230 Luxe Pencil
  • 238 Luxe Precise Shader
  • 317 Wing Liner
  • 322 Brow Line


The En Taupe Palette and Brush set are available from the Zoeva website from 26th October 2015 🙂 https://www.zoeva-shop.de/

Both of these beauties has been added to my wish list. Will any of you be treating yourself on the 26th October?

Thanks for reading

Emma xo


All information and pictures were sent to me by Zoeva so i could share it with you all. All opinions are my own 🙂

BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel Palette


Hello there

So many YouTube are now coming out with so many collaborations with companies and I just can’t get enough of them.

Carli Bybel is one YouTuber I have loved watching for a few years now. Her makeup tutorials are amazing and I definelty recommend her channel to anyone who doesn’t know her 🙂

I noticed on Trendmood1 Instagram’s page that Carli was bring out a palette with BH Cosmetics for $12.50 and I was all over that. For the palette to get to Ireland there was also an $8.69 shipping charge which is a great price plus no custom charges as the palette is under £20 🙂


IMG_5877 IMG_5884

Packaging is a card board but its sturdy and secure as there is a magnetic close. The outer packaging pretty with pearls and silver reflect and when opened there’s a great size mirror. The palette itself is light and easy to hold.

There are 10 eyeshadows and 4 highlighters.


There are 5 matte shadows and 5 shimmers. The shadows have great pigmentation and hardly any fall out. There is also a great range of colours so this palette should suit everyone. The highlighters beautifully milled with no chunks of glitter. They give a lovely glow to my cheeks. I did notice when take the photos couple of the shadows did look the same honestly this doesn’t bother me as i love every colour.

IMG_5879 IMG_5880 IMG_5881

                                 Top Row                                                                             Bottom Row

 IMG_6001 IMG_6002


IMG_5998                             IMG_5999

With this palette you can create a neutral to smokey dramatic look with only a few strokes of colour.

I really do love this collaboration and can’t wait for some more products to come. This was my first BH Cosmetics purchase and I will be adding some others palettes to my wish list.

Did any of you guys pick up this beautiful palette? Let me know what you thought! 🙂

Thanks for reading

Emma xo


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